Isn't it time you felt peaceful?

Why I Attend Sahaja Yoga Meditation Classes

Around the world on any day, chances are that somewhere, someone is teaching Sahaja Yoga meditation.

Why do people want to learn?

meditatorsPerhaps they’re curious and it’s always been on their list of New Year resolutions. Maybe it’s to help find peace; overcome stress; be more balanced; for a spiritual connection; or simply because they feel something is missing in their lives. Sahaja Yoga meditation is easy to learn and free. The founder, Shri Mataji, insisted people should not be charged to find their own peace within. So, this meditation is free, offered by experienced practitioners who volunteer their time. People who have experienced its benefit show others how to meditate.

Here in Australia, there are free weekly classes in more than 100 locations nationwide.

Feedback from our classes

We asked people from one of our meetings why they attend each week. These are their answers…

True peace.

‘The Sahaja Yoga weekly meetings help me tremendously. It is one time each week when I know I will actually experience peace. While I’m certainly still a work in progress, I am aware of progress made so far. I’ve gained a more subtle understanding of myself and have discovered how peaceful it is to actually stop thinking for a while and just be in the present. I now realise the importance of forgiveness; and am more in touch with my spirit. It’s interesting to be able to see my own shortcomings and learn subtle ways to help work on clearing them away (still working on that).’ (LT)

Constant thinking stopped.

‘The first time I attended a Sahaja Yoga meditation class, I was a complete beginner, with absolutely no idea what to expect and no clue how the night would proceed. I only knew I really needed to find something to help bring some balance into my life. It turned out that I’d gone to the right place.

A friend had given this meditation a glowing recommendation and said it was free, but I found it all hard to believe and remained dubious. So I was more surprised than anyone when I had a positive experience at my first attempt. Immediately after following a simple guided meditation that first night, my constant thinking stopped and I felt a profound peacefulness I’d never felt before. Despite my doubts beforehand, I had a strong experience of thoughtless awareness and felt coolness on my hands. Amazing.

I now enjoy meditation at home, but get a lot out of going to the weekly class, where I always learn something more and further my own depth of experience. When sharing that hour or so, I enjoy the positive vibe of being with like-minded people. And the classes are free; the teachers donate their time. That’s amazing, too.’ (BB)

Quality of life.

‘I’m a busy person with my own Chiropractic business and had been looking to learn a meditation technique to help with my stress levels. I first started Sahaja meditation after attending a lecture presented by Dr Ramesh at the University of NSW in Sydney in 2009, showing the researched benefits of meditation.

Then I went to a local weekly class. In the beginning I could feel small benefits, but over time and with practice the meditation became easier (just like with any activity). I enjoy the group sessions because it’s easier and a stronger meditation. Also, everybody is very friendly and relaxed. So there’s the social side as well.

These days I meditate most days at home. In fact, I can’t imagine coping with the rigours of running a business without it, but I also look forward to weekly group sessions as well. I would recommend it for everyone, just to improve the quality of your life.’ (AB)

Positive outlook.

‘So far the meditation classes have been very relaxing. I have a very busy and sometimes stressful job, and even though it has only been a few weeks, I find I have a different attitude to life. I am relaxed, stress-free and happier in everything I do, and most importantly for me, I have a more positive outlook on everything.’ (N)

Feel more “myself” than ever.

‘Feeling before meditating:  stressed, it seems, in all areas of my life – work life and personal life. My sense of belonging had taken a serious knock. Feeling after attending five classes:  it gives me comfort in knowing I can change my emotions and feelings, even for a short time, through meditation. I feel more “myself” than I ever have before.  I have grown and will continue to grow into the person I want to be.’ (S)


‘Although I’ve been practising Sahaja Yoga meditation for three decades, I still find the group classes important for their depth of meditation. Meditating with other people intensifies the experience for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or attend regularly. The results are cumulative – just as meditating daily consolidates the experience, meditating with other people lifts it to a new level. There is no state of calm comparable to that enjoyed in a group meditation. Because I enjoy it so much, going to class will remain ongoing: something I gladly often do to achieve balance in my life.’ (RN)

Happier and wiser.

In 2006 I heard about Sahaja Yoga. At the time I was looking for a form of meditation which could help me to cope with protracted problems such as family conflicts and work politics. Shortly after, I attended the local weekly meditation group, without having any knowledge of how to meditate. It was easy to learn. At the end of the first few sessions, I was amazed at how relaxed and undemanding the presentations were. Having been brought up as a Roman Catholic, I found the whole concept very new to me, yet found it was also centred on the same principle of forgiveness and love. The words of Shri Mataji, the founder, that “we should be free of all guilt” remained with me for weeks, and gradually I realised this was in fact the first step to finding inner peace. I was also overwhelmed that the teachers and regular attendees I met had a very joyful and positive outlook.

I still attend weekly whenever possible as I find comfort and strength in the insightful talks. Every time, I discover more of the depth of Shri Mataji’s philosophy of life and about the power of our inner subtle system. My pace in Sahaja Yoga meditation may be slow but I’m a happier and wiser person today. I’ve learnt that it is a personal journey, no matter how long it takes. (SWH)